Why YOU should visit Cape Town in Winter?
For many years Cape Town has been written off as a winter destination. As someone who has spent many of my 40 winters in Cape Town, I have always loved the idea of stormy afternoons, windy nights, movies under the covers, hot chocolate, sherry and warm fires on a rainy evening. Not all Capetonians share my sentiment though. Most of us love the searing hot, long summer days. My comfort in these conditions, however, I feel is more due to the fact that I find my joy in the high seas and larger swells provided by the winter storms from which we receive most of our rain. Traveling abroad, I realized that I was no longer in the minority. Turns out that European people don’t really care too much about rain. In fact, they seem to just go about their daily business with no regard for the weather at all. Yes, they notice the rain, snow and everything in between, it doesn’t stop them from having fun. So why should it stop them from having fun here and the truth is. It Doesn’t.
With this in mind, I’ve made a list of things that you can do in Cape Town in winter

• Take a hike 
I know that it rains in Cape Town, however, if we consider that rainy days in Cape Town often results in nothing more than a brief shower and days where it rains for the entire day is few and far between. The average person can easily get up Table Mountain in 2 to 3 hours, it’s quite possible that at least 1 day in your 5-day stay will have reasonable conditions for getting up and down with little to no rain. If Table Mountain is out of your comfort zone, Lions Head or Cape Point are excellent alternatives.

• Wine not?
Cape Town is synonymous with having an amazing wine culture. Fortunately, most wine farms don’t close in winter. In fact, my favorite time to visit wine farms is the middle of a cold winter day. Usually, you are greeted by a friendly face, a warm fire and if you know where to go, you will be treated to the best wine, cheese, chocolates and an assortment of other pairing options.

   What’s to eat

There are few things which tourist always comment on after spending a few days in South Africa. One of the most prominent topics is always how delicious our food is. It is not uncommon for our top restaurants to be booked weeks in advance in season. It is easier to get a booking in these establishments during the cooler months

• Beat the queues
Cape Town has some of the most spectacular views in the world. This is a known fact however, in order to enjoy some of these views you might find yourself stuck at the back of a queue to enjoy these attractions. To many people on holiday this is not an issue and given the fact that you would more than likely be queuing in an area of significant beauty, you might not be particularly perturbed. Queues in these months, however, are significantly shorter for those of us with slightly less patience.


   • Less is more

Many establishments recognise the cooler months as the “off season” and as such are prone to reduce rates in order to get more traffic in the door. It’s possible that you could strike a deal on accommodation and even save enough to spend a little longer in Cape Town.


 Winter Sunsets

Cape Town has spectacular sunsets all year round. It sets quite a bit earlier in winter so a sunset picnic as a light dinner or pre-dinner drinks might be more inviting.

Considering all these factors (and probably a few I forgot about) it’s almost a shame to let this opportunity to pass you by. Hit the “Book Now” button and select your tour, if you don’t find what you want, we will do our utmost to accommodate any request you might have.

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